The Being Mindful Basics Bundle

Calm serene middle aged woman meditating with eyes closed inhaling fresh air relaxing indoors, happy healthy old mature lady enjoying resting feel peace of mind doing breathing yoga exercises at home

Interested in developing or maintaining a meditation practice?  This bundle of meditations is a great place to start.


This set of five meditations form the foundation of every mindfulness practice: body scan, breath awareness, centering, loving-kindness, and sound meditations.


They are timeless meditations you can continue to use to develop gentle, present moment awareness and obtain the many other benefits of a consistent meditation practice, whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner.

Centering Meditation (6:24 min.)

This brief meditation uses the body scan and breath awareness to help you feel grounded and settle you into the present moment.


Breath Awareness Meditation (10:44 min.)

Focusing on the breath is one of the most powerful and accessible mindfulness practices.  Connecting with the sensations of the breath can settle the mind and reduce stress.

Body Scan Meditation (11:24 min.)

The body scan meditation is another foundational mindfulness practice. In this meditation, you focus on the sensations in specific parts of the body.  We spend so much time in our heads and this meditation is great for connecting you with your body.



This meditation cultivate a sense of kind awareness to yourself and to others. It supports an integral component of a mindfulness practice - gentle awareness and nonjudgment.

Sound Meditation (8:00 min.)

Instead of focusing primarily on the breath or the body, this meditation focuses on sounds - the sounds around you and within you - as another way to increase focus and concentration, quiet the mind, and deepen awareness.

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