Manage your stress, enhance your focus, and sleep better with mindfulness


Join Me For

Centering You with Mindfulness

A Mind-Body Practice Course


September 19 - October 10, 2021

2 pm - 3:30 pm

Online via Zoom

This four-week mindfulness foundations course is perfect for you if you are curious about mindfulness, want to learn the different ways you can practice mindfulness, or have had a practice in the past you would like to rekindle.


"I owe Stephanie and her meditation classes so much.  They are providing me with the tools to manage myself, my experiences, my expectations, and my life.  I didn't realize before I began learning mindfulness techniques how much they would touch my life."  Elise

Join us for this live, interactive online 4-week course.


Learn how to:

  • manage your stress,
  • cultivate a greater sense of compassion for yourself and others, and
  • be present in your life. 

In this highly experiential course, we will engage in interactive dialogue, sitting meditation, gentle qigong moving meditation (can be done sitting or standing), and simple breathing practices


Specifically, we will:


  • Explore what mindfulness is (and is not)


  • Foster present moment awareness so you can be aware of when you are operating on automatic or are focusing on the negative so much that you are missing many positive moments in your life.


  • Connect with your body so you can notice when you are carrying tension and can be better aware of the signals your body is sending to you.


  • Cultivate a sense of kindness towards and patience with yourself so you can calm the mind and minimize the negative self talk. 


  • Create a personal practice that works for your life.

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"Stephanie's meditation sessions combine thoughtful discussions of a variety of mindfulness activities with a guided meditation that uses that day's approach. I both enjoy these sessions and learn more about ways I can address stress in my life.  Her patience with, and support of, our efforts to create a practice reinforces the importance of being kind to ourselves.  I find these sessions an oasis of calm in an otherwise stressful world.  Thank you, Stephanie!"  Sherry


Mature Asian woman (40s) exercising outdoors, practicing tai chi.



  • Centering meditation
  • Body scan meditation
  • Breath awareness meditation
  • Sound meditation
  • Loving-kindness meditation

Qigong Mindful movement

We will engage in gentle mindful movements from an ancient Chinese tradition, Qigong. Qigong is commonly referred to as moving meditation or Chinese yoga. These movements can be done standing or sitting.

Qigong can help you connect with your body and calm the mind.

informal mindfulness practices

We will also introduce you to informal mindfulness practices such as:

  • Mindful communication
  • Mindful listening
  • Working with resistance
  • Mindful eating

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"I absolutely love the class that you taught. It has helped me to learn to stay grounded in my body. I especially love the body scan meditation. I feel that I am able to achieve a higher level of relaxation because of the class that I took with you.

I would highly recommend your class. The weekly class helped hold me accountable to practice skills learned and add new skills. It allowed us time to review skills learned the week prior. It helped to consolidate our own experience. And, you have such a soothing and affirming voice. I also love your compassionate approach. You are very knowledgable about different practice methods and shared books that could help us to increase our knowledge if we choose to do so. I really enjoy learning from you. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. I really like the audio guided meditation files that you sent us. I listen to your guided meditations while I am learning to familiarize myself with each practice.

The amount of time that we spent on each class was perfect! It was not too long and not too short. It gave us enough time to practice together, learn new information and skills, and practice together agaiin.

The class helped me to build confidence. I feel that I can meditate any where and at any time. It helped me to understand that the time that I invested in myself will help carry me through the day. It continues to help me to stay grounded and present.

I am very grateful that I took the class from you. Much appreciation." Kay 

You will receive the following:


  • Four live interactive 90 minute sessions led online by Certified Mindfulness Instructor Stephanie Lewis that includes instruction, meditation, movement, and discussion.


  • A set of five downloadable audios of guided meditations (The Being Mindful Basics Meditation Bundle, which consists of the body scan, breath awareness, centering, loving-kindness, and sound meditations.


  • A 30-Day Mindfulness Journal


  • Mindfulness guide and handouts


  • Weekly recap email after each class


  • Mid-week practice check-ins


  • Email access to Stephanie in between classes


  • Individual 30-minute session with Stephanie after conclusion of 4-week class to discuss your practice. 
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The weekly online 4-week classes will be held online with Zoom webconferencing program


Cost $197


Full payment must be received by the first day of the course.  


Limited space available.  

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Stephanie Lewis is a National Board certified health & wellness coach, licensed Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program Facilitator and Coach, certified mindfulness instructor, and Qigong practice leader.

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Event Refund Policy: Registrants can receive refunds up to 7 days before the event start date. For courses with multiple sessions, you can receive a refund up to 7 days before the first session to be held for the specific course.