YES! You Can Eat Without the Guilt (and Overeating)


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If you are tired of restrictive dieting and feeling regret each time you overeat, this online mindful eating class based on the award winning Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program is for you. Break the eat-repent-repeat cycle and ditch the diet!


Learn how you can reconnect with your body and regain control of your eating habits without relying on restrictive rules.


Join us for this live, interactive online 8-week class and come away with a viable model to help you eat what you love without overeating.


In this class you'll learn:


  • How to be in charge of your eating instead of out of control 


  • How to eat foods you love without guilt or overeating


  • How to eat healthier foods without restriction

Week 1

In Charge, Not in Control

In week 1, you are introduced to the different cycles of eating and begin to explore what drives you to make the eating choices you make.


Week 2

Trust Your Body Wisdom

In week 2, you learn how to read and rely on your hunger and satiety signals to decide when to eat.

Week 3

It's Not About the Food

In week 3, we discuss becoming aware of your urges to eat how to eat without overeating or feeling guilty.

Week 4

What Am I Really Hungry For?

In week 4, we will look more closely into what triggers cause you to eat and exploring what you really need.

Week 5

Fearless Eating

In week 5, we delve into the awareness you've developed and how to balance the need for nourishment and enjoyment of food.

Week 6

Mindful Eating

In week 6, we'll not only talk about how we eat - mindfully or mindlessly - but we will eat!  We will engage in an actual mindful eating exercise together.

Week 7

Just Right

In week 7, we will review how to pay attention to your fullness level and staying connected to our body's signals.

Week 8

Self-Care Buffer Zone

In this final session of our 8 weeks together, we will talk about how you use the energy derived from food to care for not just your body, but your mind and spirit as well. We will also review strategies for staying or getting back on track with your mindful eating practice.






  • Eight live interactive 90-minute sessions led online by licensed Am I Hungry?® Facilitator and Coach and Certified Mindfulness Instructor Stephanie Lewis 


  • The book Eat What You Love Love What You Eat by Michelle May, MD and Companion Workbook and Awareness Journal (required program materials)


  • Access to an Am I Hungry? private participant web portal and forum


  • Daily inspirational emails and weekly workshop summaries                  


  • Two downloadable guided mindful eating meditations and a mindful eating e-book






The weekly online 8-week class will begin in early 2020. Exact start date to be determined. 


Location: The class will be held online with Zoom webconferencing program


Cost:  $279.  Payment must be received by the first day of class.  Payment plans are available.


Limited space available.  Minimum registration numbers required to hold class.  






Stephanie Lewis is a certified health & wellness coach, licensed Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program Facilitator and Coach, certified mindfulness instructor, and Qigong practice leader.

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