Capture the Wonderful Benefits of Gratitude

Increase Your Happiness & Energy

 Reduce Your Stress & Respond Better to Difficult Situations

Heal and Deepen Your Relationships


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Meditations and positive affirmations have the power to reshape your emotions, direct your day, and inspire you to do more than you ever thought possible.


Memorializing in writing what you are grateful for and maintaining a regular gratitude journal practice can help you calm down at night and sleep better, focus on what is and who are most important to you, and reduce stress.



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Here's What You Get In This Bundle:



♦ Meditations (Set of 3) to help you cultivate and tap into your sense of gratitude through your senses and for the people and all that makes your life special, including for the small things.


♦ Affirmation Card Set so you can pull out the affirming and encouraging words you need at any time.


♦ Gratitude Journal so you can connect with the people and things you are most grateful for in your life. 


♦ 8-page Guide on the proven benefits of a regular gratitude practice and


♦ Journal Prompts to further support you in your self care journey. 


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See what happens when you connect deeply with all that you are truly grateful for in your life.


Cultivate and tap into the power of a gratitude practice. Use these gratitude meditations to help you be more content and improve your relationship with others and yourself.


This bundle includes the following 3 meditations:


Feeling Gratitude with the Senses (8:08 min.)

Feeling Gratitude for the People in Your Life (9:30 min.)

Feeling Gratitude for All That Supports You (9:54 min.)


Display of 6 Cards

Sample Affirmation Cards

Display of 6 Cards


Set of 20 cards | 5" (h) x 4" (w) | Recommend printing on cardstock paper.

Affirmation cards promote a positive outlook and peace of mind.


Reinforce your thoughts with positive messages that inspire you to focus on the positive - big and small - and draw even more good into your life.


You can print out your download as many times as you want and use for daily reading to keep your mind focused on positive goals and disrupt your negative or unconstructive thoughts.


Use these printable positive cards on gratitude:


To support habit change

To reframe your perspective

As mantras

In your vision boards

As a Gift

To place on Your refrigerator or mirror for reminders

"Stephanie’s Gratitude Bundle inspires me to be more conscious of the blessings in my life. It’s an informative resource with the tools needed to begin or supplement a gratitude practice. The affirmations lift my spirit."
                                                                                       - Donna


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Use this gratitude journal to write down what you are truly grateful for.  Reflecting on the good in your life is a great way to begin or end the day with positive vibes!


No pressure to write in your journal every day of the week though. As a matter of fact, research indicates that reflecting in a journal on what you are grateful for only a few days a week may have more benefits than doing so daily.


The journal covers four weeks. The pages are undated so you can start your practice any day of the year. 

Print the pages out and put them in a binder. 

When you're done, just print out your downloaded journal to begin the next quarter!


Pages: 31 (including front and back cover)

Binder Not Included.

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Guide & Prompts

This bundle also includes a 8-page guide on:

* The importance of gratitude

* Its benefits

* What happens when you don't focus on gratitude

* What happens when gratitude becomes a way of life

* A list of 16 gratitude journal prompts to get your juices flowing

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Because these are printable downloads, there are no refunds, returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Note: These affirmation cards and journal are not a substitute for advice or treatment from a licensed health professional, such as a physician, therapist, or nutritionist. They are for personal use only and not available for resale.