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Turning your atttention within and becoming more self-aware is powerful.


The meditation bundles take it one step further by aligning that ability with specific goals.


Some meditation bundles are also coupled with affirmation cards, checklists, journals, e-books, or other resources you can download to support you in your journey.*

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Scientific studies join with many centuries of experience to support the benefits of mindfulness for your health and well-being.  These benefits include:


  • less stress and worry


  • better focus and concentration


  • improved general health


  • less bias


The Being Mindful Basics Bundle

Ready to start or deepen your mindfulness meditation practice? These are 5 meditations that form the foundation of every mindfulness practice: body scan, breath awareness, centering, loving-kindness, and sound meditations.

These are timeless meditations use can continue to develop your gentle, present moment awareness whether you are a beginner or experience practitioner.


Mindful eating is a powerful practice to help you create a healthier relationship with food and improve digestion.


This bundle of 3 meditations (with calming background music), 30-page e-book, journal, and set of affirmation cards are thoughtfully designed to help you explore and discover the mindful eating practices that may be right for you.

The Gratitude Bundle

Cultivating and deepening your sense of gratitude can help you improve your relationship with both yourself and others, sleep better, and be more content.  These are but the few of the benefits research suggests. This bundle of meditations, affirmation cards, journal and journal prompt, and guide are all you need to get your gratitude practice underway and consistent.

"Stephanie has the best meditation voice ever!" MKC


Goal Getting Bundle

Peaceful Sleep & Rest Bundle

Motivation & Intention Bundle


For best results, listen to meditations accompanied by music with headphones.

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Breath Awareness Meditation (10:44 min.)


Focusing on the breath is one of the most powerful and accessible mindfulness practices.  Connecting with the sensations of the breath can settle the mind and reduce stress.


Body Scan Meditation (11:24 min.)


The body scan meditation is another foundational mindfulness practice. In this meditation, you focus on the sensations in specific parts of the body.  We spend so much time in our heads and this meditation is great for connecting you with your body.

Centering Meditation (6:24 min.)

This meditation uses the body scan and breath awareness to help you feel grounded and settle you into the present moment.

Loving-Kindness Meditation (16:05 min.)

This meditation helps you cultivate a sense of kind awareness to yourself and to others. It supports an integral component of a mindfulness practice - gentle awareness and nonjudgment.

Sound Meditation (8:00 min.)

Instead of focusing primarily on the breath or the body, this meditation focuses on sounds - the sounds around you and within you - as another way to increase focus and concentration, quiet the mind, and deepen awareness.

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Setting the Day's Intentions (9:34 min.)


A meditation to help you set your intentions for the day.


Calming Background Music by Chris Collins


New Seeds (10:00 min.)


A meditation to help you reflect, plan for, and look forward to new beginnings.


Calming Background Music by Chris Collins

Savoring Joy (11:48 min.)


A meditation to help you take in the joy in your life whether it be from past or more current experiences.  Studies indicate that cultivating positive thoughts and feelings can help counterbalance our natural bias toward negativity.


Calming Background Music by Chris Collins


Deeply Within (16:54 min.)


This breath awareness meditation takes you more deeply within yourself, connecting not only with the sensations of the breath but visualizing its nourishing movement throughout the body.



Calming Background Music by Chris Collins

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Feeling Gratitude For All That Supports You (9:54 min.)


A meditation to take time out from the day to cultivate gratitude for the world around you, the people in your life, and appreciative of yourself as well.


Calming Background Music by Chris Collins


Feeling Gratitude for the People in Your Life (9:30 min.)


This gratitude meditation allows you to focus on what brings you joy, particularly the people in your life.



Calming Background Music by Chris Collins

Feeling Gratitude With the Senses  (8:08 min.)


This gratitude meditation connects you to all of your senses, expressing thanks for how they enrich your life.


Calming Background Music by Chris Collins



Healthy & Mindful Eating Habits for a Healthy Life (18:51 min.)

This meditation focuses on cultivating healthy choices to support a healthy lifestyle.




Calming Background Music by Chris Collins

Mindful Reflections on Your Healthy Choices (14.56 min.)

This meditation invites you to reflect on the healthy choices you have made in your life and observing how you felt when you chose health. This meditation includes health supporting affirmations.


Calming Background Music by Chris Collins

Sensations of the Eating Experience (8:57 min.)


This meditation focuses on cultivating a connection with the eating experience, encouraging you to slow down and savor your meals and snacks. It invites you to bring all of your sensations in play and to check in with the signals from your mind and body.


Calming Background Music by Chris Collins

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