How To Follow Your Intuition

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Do you struggle with being able to follow your instincts and inner wisdom? The truth is, in many circumstances, your instincts are right, but if you tend to over think things too much, you might stray from those initial inner thoughts. 
Following your instincts and inner wisdom means understanding and following the core of your beliefs.  At times, that can be a courageous act. It is also an important part of a mindfulness practice. 

You can begin to connect with and follow your instincts and inner wisdom by keeping these tips in mind:

Get in touch with your subconscious thoughts. 
It can be tough to stay in touch with your subconscious thoughts,  but they make up your initial instincts and they’re close to your heart. You know that the truth or the right decision to make will be revealed to you if you give yourself enough time. Your mindfulness practice is one way to help you get in touch with your subconscious thoughts.  Learn to trust yourself.

Become comfortable listening to what feels right. Don’t be afraid to take action towards the things that feel right. If something feels off to you, you can stop and explore the reasons why. It always starts with a feeling. It could be a sensation in your body that tells you something doesn’t feel right. Don’t dismiss it. Give it is due respect. A mindful awareness can also help you discern if your automatic reactions are the result of patterns and “programming” that do or do not reflect your values (or the values to which you aspire). 

Avoid getting mired in negative thinking. Sometimes your mind can get away from you and start cycling through negative thoughts. Take deep breaths and get back into a positive mindset so that you can see the right direction more clearly.

Write down your thoughts. 
It might help to write your thoughts down. Pick up a pen and just write your thoughts down as they come. Try not to put the pen down until you are done exploring the issue. It doesn’t matter if you start writing some things that don’t pertain to the subject. After reading your notes, you’ll probably get a better idea about your base instincts.

Do what you can to relax. It’s always best to do your thinking while you’re relaxed. That way you know you’re not making any strained decisions. Do what you can to relax yourself, whether it’s deep breathing, a warm bath, or meditation practices.

Don’t be stubborn. Occasionally, you’ll know that your initial instinct was wrong. In this case, if you have a valid reason to change your mind, you should do so. 

You’ll find that listening to your instincts and inner wisdom enriches your decisions and your life. They won’t always be right but keep practicing. Maintain a positive attitude and keep trying to connect with what your instincts are communicating. While the mind is important, the heart and gut also play an essential role in sound decision-making.