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 It is easy to pick up all of the negative energy around us whether it be from a political, social, work, relationship, or home environment.  There is plenty of it to go around. Being mindful about when you are unnecessarily exposing yourself to toxic energy is an important part of bringing peace into your life.  This means considering if  there are certain people you should minimize your interactions with, where practical.  It could also mean changing how much you watch the news or violent or traumatic television shows and movies. Or it can mean letting go of the doom surfing.  It might mean exploring a new job if your current work environment is toxic.  

A foundational principle of mindfulness is letting go. Sometimes we hold on so tight to what we know that we won’t consider exploring how we can move forward in other ways.  And often, we become so wound up in certain aspects of our life that it becomes how we define ourselves.  If you are holding on to or indulging in toxicity in some area of your life, I invite you to think about what you can let go of and how you can replace it with a more positive influence.