Messenger-based coaching

Are you seeking accountability for habit change?

Do you communicate well by chat?

Do you travel frequently?

Do you have a schedule that makes it difficult to hold consistent live sessions?

Are you seeking a lower cost coaching option?

Join me in messenger-based coaching through Aura's
1-to-1 coaching platform. 
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Click the button for a VIP invite discount.  Risk-free for 30 days.

Through this program:
  • You get personal access to unlimited 1-to-1 coaching.


  • We connect directly through unlimited messaging.


  • We will hold an initial onboarding live video call. 


  • You will receive access to comprehensive tracking & collaboration tools like shared journals and mindfulness/sleep/mood data to enhance our coaching experience.


  • You will also get full access to Aura’s apple-award winning app. I will be able to recommend content to you directly in the app.


Aura's premium membership is included in coaching package (a $59/yr value).


Note: At present, this messenger-based coaching service is for iphone uesrs only.

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Aura is secure and private and HIPAA compliant.  

Questions? Contact me at to discusss if this option is right for you.

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Click this button for a VIP invite discount.  Risk-free for 30 days.

Stephanie is a national board-certified health & wellness coach and certified mindfulness meditation and Qigong instructor.  She is also trained in mindful eating coaching and facilitation.