AURA Messenger-based coaching

I also provide messenger-based coaching through Aura's 1-1 coaching product. Through this program:
  • We connect directly through unlimited messaging.
  • We will hold an initial onboarding live video call. 
  • You will receive access to comprehensive tracking & collaboration tools like shared journals and mindfulness/sleep/mood data to enhance our coaching experience.
  • You will also get full access to Aura’s apple-award winning app. I will be able to recommend content to you directly in the app.
This is a great option for anyone who is seeking accountability for habit change, communicates well by chat, travels frequently, has a schedule that makes it difficult to hold consistent live sessions, or is seeking a lower cost coaching option. 
Aura is completely secure, private, and HIPAA compliant.
Contact me at to discusss if this option is right for you.