Mindful eating is a non-diet, weight neutral

approach to healthy living and weight management.


This Program May be For You If:


The Mindful Eating Coaching Program may be for you if:


  • You have been on and off diets with no long-term success and want to make lasting change.


  • You want to improve your relationship with food.


  • You want to be more mindful of how you eat, what you eat, and when you eat.


  • You have lost weight or improved your health with food and are looking for a practice that will help you maintain your progress.


This Program Is Not For You If:


  • You have an eating disorder


  • You are looking for quick, unsustainable approach to lose weight


  • You are only interested in losing weight and not creating a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship to food.



This individual coaching program includes meditation practices that help you become aware of your eating patterns – those that both do and don’t serve you - and get in touch with your inner wisdom.


If you want to learn how to become more in tune with your body, be more in charge of your eating decisions, and get past habits of stress-related overeating or restrictive eating, contact me so we can talk more about how we can work together.


Let's Talk!


If you’re interested in learning more about your path forward and how mindful eating coaching can support you set up a 45 minute consultation.  To schedule this call, send an email to slewis@livewellflow.com.


"I was able to spend 12 weeks working with Stephanie, and the Live Well Flow Coaching Program.  Stephanie started with discussing my mindset, determining my goals, and digging deep into the mindset around eating and wellness.  During the sessions with Stephanie, I was able to focus on determining deeper reasons behind eating, eating emotionally, and eating mindlessly.  We spent time meditating and I felt like I was finally able to hear what my body was telling me.  I feel better able to know when it is the right time to eat for my health, and when I need to pay attention to my feelings. We did three different mindfulness sessions tasting food and really paying attention to what we are putting into our mouths.  For the first time (in a very long time) I actually tasted my food.  It has been life changing for me.  I have learned to slow down when eating, what to do to taste my food, and enjoy what I am eating-all without eating mindlessly.

I was sad when our coaching agreement ended, I wish I could keep Stephanie in my pocket forever!"

Allyson Bathalon

It’s been two years since our work together.  While I still have not built that regular meditation practice, I do practice mindfulness daily. I’m mindful of what I eat—even when I make an unhealthy choice. I’m mindful of my thoughts. I’m able to move things out of my mind, but also able to process thoughts that I need to address. I’m mindful of what’s going on in my body. The mindfulness lessons led me to finally change/manage my relationship with food. I'm eating at home 90% of the time.  I’ve also developed a regular exercise routine/habit, resulting in weight loss, lower cholesterol, and improved overall health.

And a lot has changed. I got married. I changed jobs. I moved across the country to the place closest to my heart. That’s a lot. It could’ve been stressful. Well, it was actually. But you gave me tools. And I use them as needed.
I wanted to check in to let you know how your former pupil was doing and to say thank you!! You helped me change my life for real!

Tomeka Hart

"Stephanie is a thoughtful coach, guiding with insightful pacing and placing caches of wisdom within reach.  She was faultlessly professional and generous.  I appreciated her patience, wisdom, warmth, and humor."