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Are you feeling the cost of the demands from your work or personal life?

Do you feel at the mercy of everyone else's demands at the expense of your own needs?

Have you been so busy taking care of everyone else that your own self-care and aspirations have gotten lost along the way?

Is your body signaling that it’s time to manage the stress better, move your body more, or eat mindfully?

Do you have difficulty setting boundaries?

Do you want to explore  what is stopping you from reaching your goals?


Honoring yourself can be one of the best gifts you can give not only you but others around you.


If you are interested in being more in charge of your life and embodying the power and confidence that comes with it, this program may be for you.  Through traditional coaching and mindfulness practices, I will help you connect with and take action towards your goals and aspirations and give yourself permission to care for yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually.


Sessions will include mindfulness, meditation, simple breathing and even, if you like, mindful movement practices to help you increase awareness and release what no longer serves you. Meditations can be of either a secular or spiritual nature.

If you’re interested in having me as your coaching and accountability partner we will set up a 45 minute consultation.  To schedule this call, email me at slewis@livewellflow.com.