Healthy Eating Habits to Start the Day Off Right

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Starting your day in a healthy way can make such a difference. Eating healthy first thing in the morning means you will be much more likely to continue eating natural, nutritious foods throughout the day. In this post I share with you five top morning habits that will help you get off to a good start with healthy eating.

Drink A Large Glass Of Water First Thing in the Morning

Your body becomes slowly dehydrated when you sleep because it goes without water or any other fluid for more than six hours. To help your body and brain operate optimally, drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up. This will kick start your hydration and metabolism and flush out toxins. It will help you start the day with more energy.

Start the Day With a Light and Nutritious Meal

Many people skip breakfast either because they’re in a rush or they believe doing this will support their weight loss efforts. When you skip breakfast altogether though you can become prone to mid-morning hunger cravings. This increases the chance that you will give way to foods that don’t serve you well before lunch. Not eating breakfast also has a negative impact on your energy levels, concentration and mood.

So make sure you eat a light, nutritious breakfast every morning. This might include fruit, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, omelets and smoothies. In doesn’t have to be a traditional breakfast food. Starting your day off with a high protein food is often the best way to set you up for a pattern of healthy eating throughout the day. A healthy, nutritious breakfast will give you the nutrition and energy you need to get underway for the day. What time in the morning you eat breakfast will depend on your body’s hunger signals.

Practice Eating Your Breakfast Mindfully
By eating your breakfast mindfully you will better recognize and respond to your body’s internal hunger signals. This will make it more likely you will eat as much food as your body requires to get going for the day. Mindful eating involves eating your breakfast slowly, focusing on every bite and paying attention to your body’s hunger signals. By doing this every morning, you’ll be much more receptive to how hungry you are and when to stop eating. Not only does this prevent you from gaining weight but it also allows you to enjoy the tastes and flavor of the foods you eat much more than if your mind is elsewhere.

Shift Your Eating Habits One Step At A Time

Healthy and mindful eating are long term processes. You will become overwhelmed if you try to change too much too quickly and will be more likely to fail in changing your eating habits. Just focus on one healthy eating habit that you want to change that day and give it your full attention for five minutes to start. Doing so will set a strong intention for the day. And, as a single habit you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

Have Some Healthy Snacks In Reach

When you feel hungry in between meals it is helpful to have some healthy snacks on hand to satisfy your cravings and boost your energy levels. Often, when we get hungry in between meals, what’s at the ready are unhealthy processed foods. Have some healthy snacks within reach to avoid this problem. Fresh fruits, Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds are examples. Just keep in mind any food allergies or medical conditions you have when making any food choices.


With these five morning habits, you can increase your chances of healthy eating success. Starting the day with healthy eating habits will not only help you stay more consistent with your healthy eating goals but enjoy the process too!

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