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Studies indicate that mindfulness - present moment awareness with a gentle curiosity and non-judgment - helps, among other benefits:


  • Reduce stress so you can live with less angst and greater ease, decrease stress-related health problems, and yes, even sleep better
  • Lessen automatic reactivity so you can make better choices for you and those you love, and
  • Improve focus and concentration so you can minimize the worrying mind and be more productive
  • Increase self awareness so you can become more aware of when you are getting in your own way, and
  • Cultivate a greater connection whether it be with others, your body, or a higher power.


Our coaching programs, private meditation sessions, guided meditations, workshops, and other educational resources can help you cultivate a mindfulness practice and live a more intentional life. Eliminate barriers to a calmer, healthier, and more fulfilling personal, professional, and spiritual life today.

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Managing Your Eating in Uncertain Times

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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"You've always had the power my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself."

        -Wizard of Oz


Laugh & Get Rich

By Stephanie Lewis

So, today – Saturday, February 8th –  is Laugh & Get Rich Day!  Who knew? And did you know that humor plays an important role in a mindfulness practice?  Let me explain.   Laughter has many benefits including relaxing your body, relieving stress, boosting your immune system, and releasing endorphins (the “feel good” hormone). And, if…

5 Ways To Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

By Stephanie Lewis

We often talk about mindfulness in the context of a sitting or moving meditation.  But mindfulness is a practice ultimately meant to be weaved into your day to day life. Give some thought to some choice times throughout the day when you can work mindfulness into your daily life apart from a sitting or moving…

5 Steps to Creating New Habits

By Stephanie Lewis

As you enter the new year, you are likely thinking about forming new habits. We all have times when we want to make intentional changes to our behavior. You could want to eat healthier and drink more water or move more. You could want to create a mindfulness practice or connect more with others. Or,…

Creating the Time You Need to Do the Things You Love

By Stephanie Lewis

Time is at a premium. It’s hard to find someone that complains about having too much time on their hands. Most of us are so busy with work, family, and various obligations, there’s little time left to do the things we’d really like to do.   It’s not easy to find time to pursue the…



"Stephanie was an invaluable health and wellness coach for me.  She presented me with questions, resources, and homework that I found empowering and productive.  She is a great listener and synthesized my thoughts and feelings in a way that made things crystallize for me.  I realized how much control I have over my own life choices.  I am better at taking the time I need for myself so I can be a happier, healthier "me" which makes me a better mother, wife, and friend.  I am responsible for my own happiness and I feel like I have the tools to achieve it now.  Thank you Stephanie!" K.F.

"Stephanie was such a wonderful coach, and I'm thrilled that I had the opportunity to work with her.  She frequently started our sessions with a short guided meditation that I found both calming and incredibly useful as we moved on to discussions about progress I had made and possible upcoming pitfalls.  I found working with Stephanie a really rewarding experience and one that I would highly recommend to others. She did a great job integrating physical, mental, and emotional health in helping me set goals for myself." M.H.

"Stephanie is a thoughtful coach, guiding with insightful pacing and placing caches of wisdom within reach.  She was faultlessly professional and generous.  I appreciated her patience, wisdom, warmth, and humor." Catherine

"I was able to spend 12 weeks working with Stephanie, and the Live Well Flow Coaching Program.  Stephanie started with discussing my mindset, determining my goals, and digging deep into the mindset around eating and wellness.  During the sessions with Stephanie, I was able to focus on determining deeper reasons behind eating, eating emotionally, and eating mindlessly.  We spent time meditating and I felt like I was finally able to hear what my body was telling me.  I feel better able to know when it is the right time to eat for my health, and when I need to pay attention to my feelings. We did three different mindfulness sessions, tasting food and really paying attention to what we are putting into our mouths.  For the first time (in a very long time) I actually tasted my food.  It has been life changing for me.  I have learned to slow down when eating, what to do to taste my food, and enjoy what I am eating-all without eating mindlessly.  

I was sad when our coaching agreement ended, I wish I could keep Stephanie in my pocket forever!"

Allyson Bathalon 

"Stephanie is a thoughtful, compassionate, and empathetic coach.  She has been direct and forthright, not allowing me to hide behind the excuses or "stories" as she aptly calls them, which I know don't serve me well.  She has shown a dedication and focused energy that has helped me to hone in on effective, practical ways to proceed - not simply with a job search, but with a real pathway forward in my life as a working mom.  I highly recommend her for any life, wellness, or job coaching needs you may have!" M.F.

Above all, Stephanie made me feel listened to. I’ve always had dreams, but they were wispy and cloudy, too varied to bring into focus. Stephanie guided me to clarify which dream most needed to take precedence, and then she helped me build habits that have allowed me to realize my visions. She did this all while listening so carefully it shocked me at times, always making me feel like what I said was important. She did not diminish any of my concerns. She listened to the realities of my situation, and helped me determine which obstacles were only perceived, which were legitimate, and which needed to be honored. By holding up a mirror to me in important moments, she helped me set priorities.


Her professionalism is unparalleled, and her way of looking at systems gave me a different lens through which to examine various dynamics.


Nothing seemed to faze her—I asked for guidance on a contract at work, my family-work balance, and time-management. She was masterful at determining and wading through details.  


Now, many months after setting my priorities, my entire perspective of my life has shifted, and I am enormously grateful for Stephanie’s presence on my journey.



"Stephanie was my coach during a challenging life transition to self-employment. She has a wonderful ability to actively listen, summarize your thoughts, and ask reflective questions that help you stay focused and get at the real issue - all while giving you the nurturing support you need. I highly recommend Stephanie Lewis to anyone wanting to move forward in life to a better version of themselves!"  Janice

"Stephanie has great presence and her warmth and engaging personality make it easy to be authentic while working with her. She asked powerful questions that helped me with personal exploration and she held space for me to process information and feelings. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone working on personal development and seeking to dive deeper and make some effective changes in their life." Emily Kushvaliev

"Stephanie's meditation sessions combine thoughtful discussions of a variety of mindfulness activities with a guided meditation that uses that day's approach. I both enjoy these sessions and learn more about ways I can address stress in my life.  

Her patience with, and support of, our efforts to create a practice reinforces the importance of being kind to ourselves.  I find these sessions an oasis of claim in an otherwise stressful world.  Thank you, Stephanie!"  Sherry

"I owe Stephanie and her meditation classes so much.  They are providing me with the tools to manage myself, my experiences, my expectations, and my life.  I didn't realize before I began learning mindfulness techniques how much they would touch my life."  Elise

"Stephanie has an excellent workshop facilitation style with good pacing.  She encourages participation and doesn't overtalk, allowing silence and reflection between points.  She does a great job of selecting and editing content and mixing talking, activity, and partner sharing.  She also curates excellent workshop topics and resource persons."  Rebecca