Intentional Living Workshop Series


August 2019 – December 2019

Join us for this series of workshops on intentional living. Register for each workshop individually or buy this series of 5 workshops and attend one FREE.

Setting Mindful Boundaries
August 21, 2019

Your personal boundaries are like a fence around who you are. Are your boundaries rigid and impossible to get through? Or wide open, allowing anyone and anything in? In this workshop, we explore awareness around boundaries and some strategies to help you strengthen relationships, whether it be with family, friends, and colleagues or with food, by defining, creating, and tending to your boundaries effectively.

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Cultivating Self-Compassion
September 18, 2019

We often beat ourselves up for being imperfect and try to motivate ourselves with self-criticism. In this workshop, we explore mindfulness practices to help you meet difficulty with caring attention, motivate yourself with kindness, and integrate self-compassion into your daily life.

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Managing Stress
October 16, 2019

When you’re experiencing stress, your impulse might be to power through or pop a treat into your mouth—which only perpetuates the stress reaction. In this workshop, we’ll explore the nature of stress and how to mindfully manage it (without turning to food).

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Coping with Triggers for Holiday Overeating
November 20, 2019

The holidays are a time of celebration, reminiscing, and of course, stress – all potential triggers for overeating. During this workshop, we’ll explore strategies for becoming aware of and dealing with your most common triggers during the holiday season.

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Setting Intentional Goals for the New Year
December 18, 2019

How do you stay focused on your intention to create a sustainable, mindful approach to well-being? In this practical workshop, we discuss setting powerful intentions and taking the steps to bring them to a sustainable reality.

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Willow and Oak Wellness Center
8344 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Space is limited. Advance registration is required.
Free parking nearby in lots D an E.