The Art of Mindfulness & Meditation

$125.00 $90.00

Six-Week Class

Saturdays, May 23 – June 27, 2020

10 am – 11:30 am ET

Online (Zoom)


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Are you interested in learning how to manage your stress and build resilience in these challenging times? In this  interactive six-week online class you will get a strong foundation in the practice of mindfulness. In these 90-minute sessions, we will dive into:


  • a broad range of both formal and informal mindfulness practices and their benefits,
  • how you can establish your own meditation practice, and
  • how you can integrate mindfulness into your daily life.



Each session will include guided meditations including:

  • Mindful eating meditation
  • Centering meditation
  • Body scan meditation
  • Breath awareness meditation
  • Sound meditation
  • Mindful walking meditation
  • Loving-kindness meditation, and
  • Exploring unpleasant, neutral, and pleasant sensations Meditation



We will also engage in informal mindfulness practices such as:

  • Mindful communication
  • Mindful listening, and
  • Working with resistance



You will receive downloadable guided meditations and other resources, including a journal, to support your practice in between classes. You will also receive me as a resource throughout this six-week class. 



The class will take place online via the webconferencing platform Zoom.  


The cost of this class is $90.


This amounts to $15 per class, including guided meditations, journal, and other resources and a discounted rate from $125. 


I am reserving two financial hardship seats for this class. If this discounted rate will be a hardship under today’s trying circumstances please reach out to me (


Advance registration is required. Class size will be small. Space is limited.