Protecting Your “Pockets of Peace”

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“I make sure every day that ‘I protect my pockets of peace’,” she said. This morsel of wisdom from a participant in a women’s group I recently facilitated really stood out and I knew immediately that I’d want to share it with you. 

Apparently this phrase was made famous by a young woman on YouTube and TikTok named Nabela Noor who encourages us all to surround ourselves with the little things that reinforce the good and bring us joy. The environment around us is important to creating a sense of peace. It’s hard to feel at peace when we are surrounded by clutter or things that don’t make us feel good. A sustainable sense of peace though ultimately comes from within. We can have the neatest, cleanest, most beautiful and comfortable of surroundings and still feel unsettled inside.

What comes to mind when you think of your pockets of peace? For me, it’s moments of silence – no television or radio, no phone, no computer. It’s out for a walk. It’s staring out the window at the trees, flowers, birds. It’s sitting in silent meditation or prayer. It’s a breathing practice. It’s doing my Qigong. It’s reading spiritual passages or commentary. It’s creating a photograph or a piece of jewelry. I’ve noticed that the common thread for me is silence. There is a lot going on in and around us. Taking some time to step back, even if the day allows only for a small moment, to take in the perfection in the silence does wonders for my mind, body, and spirit.

In an earlier blog, Connecting With the Peace Within You, I talk about how you own your peace even amidst the challenges of life and how to notice when you are giving your peace away. I invite you to read/re-read this article. And, I invite you to give some thought to what your “pockets of peace” are and make them a part of your day. Maybe it’s a walk, a nap, prayer, a tender moment with a child, partner, parent or pet, time spent in a certain room or or place that brings comfort or beautiful memories, washing dishes …. The answer will be different for each of us and our go to “pocket of peace” will differ depending on the circumstances. Whatever it is though, give yourself permission to nourish your mind, body, and spirit and mindfully cultivate the peace within you.