Mindfully Connecting with the Body Through Mindful Eating

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Mindful eating is the practice of paying attention to food – engaging with it, consuming it, and experiencing it in a highly mindful way. Mindful eating isn’t so much about nutrition and more about the experience the mind and the body has surrounding the entire eating process. Mindful eating comes from the Buddhist concept of…

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Timing Your Mindful Pause

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Taking ten to twenty minutes out of the day for a sitting meditation is not for everyone. Short pauses during the day works best for some people. This can also be a part of a mindfulness practice. To practice this method, you take several short stops, or “pauses,” throughout your day. During this pause, you…

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How to Slow Down & Get More Done

I recently received this question by text: “How do I slow down without slowing down?”  Have you ever wanted to slow down but fear it means you will be sacrificing what’s important to you? My in the moment response: “Let go of unnecessary distractions, both the ones your brain is fabricating and the ones other people are fabricating for…

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Yes, It is Possible

We are coming down the home stretch for 2020 and it’s been quite a year. If you’ve been successful with some or all of your goals for the year – Congratulations! Stay focused so you can maintain your momentum.  Some of the goals you’ve set for yourself this year may be off track though. And you…

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Benefits of Journaling Food and Mood

How often do you keep track of what you’re really eating  and drinking? You have probably heard a lot about the benefits of maintaining a gratitude journal. A food journal has many benefits as well. It’s much easier than you realize to underestimate how much you’re actually eating and to think that you’re eating healthier…

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Tips to Truly Savor Your Food for a Healthier, Well-Nourished You

Most things are up for grabs but a few things in life aren’t negotiable.  Breathing is one.  We have to breathe.  Eating is another.  We have to eat.  Breathing…that’s a topic for another article.  Let’s focus now on eating.   When you’re eating, do you eat slowly and take the time to really enjoy and…

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