The Essentialness of Connection

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In the wellness, mindfulness, and holistic health space there are many wonderful and profound words of wisdom. It’s easy to just pick them up and run with them. They sound good and you so want them to be true. There are some popular sayings though that I’ve been thinking more about. And this is one of them: “Everything you need is inside of you.”  

The saying is intended to be one of empowerment. It is meant to instill confidence, a deep trust in oneself, and a connection with one’s own internal healing power. And yes, far more is inside of us than most of us will ever realize.  As a coach, I believe fervently in the untapped strength and power within my clients. 

But, in reality, everything we need to grow or heal is not inside of us, physically, emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually. Our bodies have physical needs that can only be satisfied with the cooperation of the earth, moon, sun, and other people. We have intellectual and spiritual needs that can only blossom through our interactions with others. We have emotional needs that require the love of/from and connection with others. Sometimes we can heal on our own, other times we can’t heal without the help, support, knowledge, and skill of others. 

In addition to knowing how much power we have within us, we need to know that we are not alone in finding our way through the journey of humanness. Our interconnectedness with one another and with nature is indispensable to growing into who we are meant to be and to our healing.  We are designed to need mother earth. We are designed to need one another.  And that’s a blessing for our own growth and healing. 

And our growth and healing – this is why we practice. A mindfulness practice can help build your awareness and support you as you deepen your connection with yourself and others.  As you engage in your practice, I invite you to ask yourself — In what part of your life can letting go of the belief that all you should need is you, take some of the pressure off and support your own growth and healing?