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Life ought to be simpler.  Come learn how to find peace with your things.
  • Do you believe you could be happier with fewer, more meaningful things?
  • Do you suspect that a lighter life is within reach?
  • Have you tried numerous times to declutter, but either get distracted, or just give up, feeling overwhelmed – again?
All areas of the home or office can be a source of pride and joy.  Whether or not clutter has been a lifelong standoff, or a recent one due to changing life circumstances, it can be conquered with a few skills in place.  Using real-life examples of people who have un-buried themselves from paper, clothing, decades of collections, and more, professional organizer Kacy Paide will guide you in creating your own customized plan.  You’ll create a framework of specific projects that will help you to use joy, not dread, to let go of what no longer serves.
Come join us to learn how you can declutter – one easy decision at a time!

Date: Saturday, April 7th

Time: 1 pm – 2 pm

Location: The Writer’s Center, 4508 Walsh Street, Bethesda, MD 20815

Cost: $20

(Free parking directly across the street)

About Our Presenter

Kacy Paide wants to live in a world where, regardless of square footage or budget, everyone lives inside a perfect balance of simplicity and beauty. As a Professional Organizer since 2001, Kacy has helped nearly 700 clients find what they need, when they need it, freeing them to live fuller lives both in and out of the office.  In 2008 she started specializing in what she noticed people loathed the most: offices & paper.  She has transformed offices at The World Bank, Ogilvy Public Relations, and various law firms and associations in her hometown of Washington, DC. Still, the vast majority of her work is in home offices, working side by side with individual clients who are desperate for order the lasts long after their last session.   She is also a Certified Evernote Consultant.
Through blogging, her popular YouTube channel, consulting, and public speaking, Kacy is dedicated to helping her clients create a beautiful, functional space that they are proud to show off.  Learn more at

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