How to Eat Less Challenge

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Challenge Includes: Daily Lessons * Daily Check-Ins * Planner & Journal * Checklist 

This Mindful Eating Challenge is for you if

  • You've been on numerous diets only to gain the weight back and then some.


  • You’re tired of being food-deprived.


  • You are tired of feeling guilty about overeating.


  • You’re ready to make a lifestyle change that will yield lasting results.

Who is this challenge not right for?  This challenge is not for someone who has an eating disorder.  If you do have an eating disorder, please consult with your physician or therapist.

See What Our Challenge Participants Say

"I was skeptical of the How to Eat Less course. I thought I knew all the 'tricks' already, but yesterday I caught myself eating lunch while scrolling through Facebook, and before I knew it half my lunch was gone and I didn't even remember eating it.


I decided to give one of Stephanie's ideas a try. What. A. Difference!


That was the best apple I think I've ever tasted. What's more, I felt satisfied when my lunch was finished and I didn't have the urge to go poking around in the pantry looking for something else to eat.


Thank you for this challenge. It's making a huge difference in the way I eat, and I'm definitely eating less because of it."

Cindy Bidar


How to Eat Less Challenge


What Will You Learn In This Challenge


Slowing Down

Imagine what it would be like to actually taste your food. This challenge will give your body the opportunity to properly taste and digest your food. Slowing down, chewing thoroughly, and pausing between bites is essential for proper digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Slowing down also increases your physical and emotional satisfaction with what you take in, making it less likely you will overeat.


Controlling Portion Size

Our society encourages large portions which contributes to overeating and weight gain. Eating slowly and paying greater attention to your food also assists with portion control. If you don't pay attention to how much food you are putting on your utensils and your plate or bowl, you run the risk of overeating.


Reading Your Hunger Signals

A big part of an intuitive and mindful eating practice is giving our body enough time to register that it has had enough and is no longer hungry before we overeat. Key to not overeating, of course, is knowing when we are no longer hungry. This challenge will include a focus actually assessing your hunger during the meal.

Features and Benefits of the Challenge


  • Daily Lessons so you can keep on track and eat more mindfully every day. 


  • Daily Check-Ins to keep you accountable throughout the challenge. 


  • Planner and Journal to help you reflect on what you learn during the challenge and organize your thoughts. 


  • Checklist to summarize the key lessons in the challenge.


How to Eat Less Challenge


About Stephanie

I am a national board certified health & wellness coach, a licensed Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program Facilitator & Coach, and certified mindfulness instructor. Mindful eating has been an integral part of my journey and I look forward to sharing my experience and the benefits of a mindful eating practice with you.

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