Mindful eating is a powerful practice to help you create a healthier relationship with food and improve digestion.


This bundle of 3 meditations (with calming background music), 30-page e-book, mindful eating journal, and set of affirmation cards are thoughtfully designed to help you explore and discover the mindful eating practices that may be right for you.


These three guided meditations will help you slow down and enjoy the eating experience, reinforce your ability to recognize and make healthy choices, and reflect on the positive choices you have and can make in your life.


Calming background music by Chris Collins. For best results, listen to these meditations with headphones.

The Sensations of the Eating Experience

(8:57 min.)

Mindful Reflections on Your Healthy Choices 

(14:56 min.)

Healthy & Mindful Eating Habits for a Healthy Life 

(18:51 min.)

The Power of Mindful Eating Unlocked:

Taking Charge of Your Eating Habits with Mindfulness


Sample Pages

The Power of Mindful Eating Unlocked is a 30-page E-Book that introduces specific mindful eating exercises to help you slow down, savor your food, and improve your health through the practice of mindful eating.

Mindful Eating Journal

Mindful Eating Journal Cover Page

This journal is perfect for reflecting on your eating habits and mindful eating practice. The different pages give you flexibility in how you use the journal.


Increase your Accountability: This journal can help you keep yourself accountable in engaging in mindful eating practices.


Increase Your Awareness: This jourmal can also help you to, for example, become more aware of:

  • Your eating triggers
  • How your mood affects your eating decisions
  • What you are eating during the day


Process Your Goals and Thoughts: Journaling provides an opportunity to reflect on your thoughts and experiences, helping you to process and integrate into your life what you have learned from them.


The journal is immediately downloadable and you get to decide which pages you print out and copy.


When you purchase this bundle you will also receive

a set of 12 thoughfully designed

Healthy Body, Healthy Life Affirmation Cards!

5" (h) x 4" (w)


You can download these cards immediately. Print them out as many times as you want and use for daily reading to keep your mind focused on positive goals and disrupt your negative or unconstructive thoughts.


These printable positive cards on healthy lifestyle are great for supporting habit change, using for mantras, and including in your vision boards.

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