Resources to Help You Enhance Your Resilience During the Coronavirus

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It’s hard to stay grounded in times like these – full of fear and uncertainty.  We are faced with a lack of concrete information. Our daily routines are significantly disrupted. We are worried about loved ones, especially those who are elderly or otherwise vulnerable.  We may be frustrated with those in denial about the risks of this pandemic. The anxiety may be causing us to eat or drink more than we might like. Many parents are working from home and at the same time juggling all day care for their children because schools are closed. And others can’t work from home or are losing their jobs.

Amongst all of this uncertainty, it’s easy to forget or downplay our own emotional strength and agency. Below are free guided meditations and other practical resources to help you tap into that strength and mindfully weather this storm.

Free Guided Meditations

Take some time to unwind with these meditations to help you manage stress, sleep better, and open yourself up to a greater sense of kindness towards yourself and others.

Centering Meditation (6 min.)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (15 min.)

Loving-Kindness Meditation (16 min.)

Other Resources

  • Gratitude in the Face of Crisis This New York Times article discusses the power of gratitude in dealing with stress and discusses a hand washing and gratitude exercise.
  • Coronavirus and the Art of Quarantine Socializing We are social beings. Social connection is often built into our daily routines. For those whose routines are interrupted by social distancing and quarantine, be mindful of the need to create new routines of social connection with those you live with and others. This Atlantic article offers suggestions for “quarantine socializing”.

It’s important to follow the scientific guidance to help keep yourself and those around you as healthy as possible. It’s as important to take care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

For additional mindfulness, meditation, and wellness resources visit

And remember, be kind to yourself.